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Vertical Engineering Sales provides Engineered Systems, Equipment, and Services throughout the Northeastern United States. We are dedicated to providing the Power Generation & Industrial markets with the highest quality equipment and unmatched support services!


When it comes to battery & charger design, there is intricate detail and principle knowledge required to properly design and build them. Such things include compatibility peculiarities of the various fuel gauges, battery performance nuances at high and low temperatures, etc. At Vertical Engineering Sales, we have this knowledge and apply it to all of our battery designs. 

Most of our batteries are custom designed for specific applications.  This results in portable devices with an optimized DC power source. As we make our own tooling and do our own injection molding, we can give your batteries the exact look and feel you want.


Custom Chargers:

  • Stand-alone single or multi-bay chargers
  • Chargers for all battery chemistries
  • Calibration and test capability
  • Built-in power supplies
  • Multi-voltage chargers
  • Battery ID methods

Custom Batteries

  • Battery capacities from 500mWh to over 1,500Wh
  • Shrink wrapped batteries
  • Complex multi-material housings
  • Built-in charging circuitry
  • Dynamic Power Management
  • Passive and active cell balancing
  • All manner of fuel gauging and protection circuitry
  • Communication protocol conversion firmware
  • Counterfeit protection


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